Gallery: Such Gold/Slingshot Dakota (3/26/14)

Such Gold is a band that has always been able to give a solid show no matter where they're playing or what circumstances they're under; I've seen Such Gold in a blues house, an old theater and a large tour package venue. The setting for their headliner on March 26 would be in the infamous metal bar, Dingbatz, in Clifton, NJ. The stone walls of this venue ooze with the sweat of many dad metal bands; however, the pop punk vibe was very prevalent all night – despite the plastic severed heads hanging at the bar.

The husband and wife duo, Slingshot Dakota, acted as support and brought a light yet very full sounding interlude to a night full of aggressive finger pointing. Such Gold, despite having a fill-in drummer and the vocalist now being confined to a mic stand, brought a ton of energy that had the crowd singing along to all of their 10+ song set list. There was even a surprise guest vocal spot from ex-guitarist Skylar Sarkis.

Check out some pictures from the Slingshot Dakota and Such Gold sets below.

Slingshot Dakota

Such Gold

Links: Such Gold - Slingshot Dakota - Dieter Unrath Photography

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