Gallery: ShoreStock 2014 (6/28/14)

ShoreStock hit GameChanger World in Howell, NJ on June 28 with a lineup featuring the best in the region's hardcore. As the night went on, the venue was the most packed I have ever seen. Ten acts played; some (Blind Justice and The Little Rascals) brought stage props, such as a monkey mask and a pizza flag, to rile up the already aggressive crowd. Full Speed Ahead and Night Birds brought their fast punk sounds. Get Real, a fan favourite, set off the crowd to explosive levels. The night concluded with Title Fight, who brought their heavily weighted mic stands with them to help combat the stage divers. They ran through a long set that had a good mix of the newer mellow music and the older aggressive jams. Check out some pictures of the night below.

Stag Party

Heavy Chains

The Little Rascals

Blind Justice

Full Speed Ahead

Stick Together

Night Birds

Get Real

Title Fight

Links: Title Fight - Night Birds - Stick Together - Blind Justice - Heavy Chains - Stag Party

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