Here at Me Gusta Reviews, we strive to give you in-depth album reviews, but we also try to keep the reviews from running on. We generally stick to reviewing recent and upcoming albums, but from time to time we will review an album from earlier on in the year. Also, most of our reviews cater to fans of punk, metal and hardcore. We try our best to cover as many releases as we can so that you (the readers) have a good sense of what to expect from albums that are set to release in the near future!

We do fill most requests, but if the album/EP has been released for over two or three months, there is a lesser chance of us reviewing it. If you do want us to review your band's album/EP, it would be appreciated if you could give us as much info as possible (i.e. album artwork, lyrics, etc.). Furthermore, it would be great if you could supply us with a downloadable file rather than a stream.
Also, please note that just because you submit something to us, doesn't mean that we are obliged to review it. We will try our best to review it, but we may not get around to it.

We are almost always looking for new contributors, so if you think you can bring something new to the table or be a nice addition to our staff, send us an email! Give us a little bit of info about yourself and attach a review or two that you've done in the past. If you haven't had any reviewing experience in the past, we can set you up with a mock review!

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